Accounting services

We offer the following range of individual services in addition to our full finance function packages.

Annual accounts

Accounts produced accurately and timely so that you do not face any penalties! All managed safetly within the cloud.

Tax returns

Never pay any more tax than you ought to - we think it's not fair and we will make sure it doesn't happen.

Management accounting

Get a personalised accounting system for your business providing real time information for decision making.

Bookkeeping and VAT

Paperwork? Arrrrhhh... Go beyond bookkeeping and tax compliance to help turn your accounting function into a profit centre.

Business accelerator

Boost revenues, manage cash flows, generate more profits, thrive and ascend to the next level.


This can be a real headache, especially since RTI was introduced, so let us handle the payroll in your business.

Start ups

Our start up service is designed to help your business overcome the hurdles that trip up most new businesses.

Automatic enrolment

This is one of the most onerous challenges to face businesses in recent years, thankfully we can help.

Cloud set up

Having a cloud accounting system in your business can save you so much time and money.

Want this service?

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, at gHawk Accounting we aim to ensure that you are comfortable with the accounting requirements for your business. What follows are our core services, however, if you require something else then just get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.