Full finance function

When you have been running your business for a few years and you start to grow, your capacity as a director and business owner becomes stretched. You often are spinning lots of plates and it feels like you have a job, not a business.  You know you should focus on growing the business and dealing with more strategic matters, but there is always an urgent matter to deal with. And its worse if the matter is finance related because the consequences of getting it wrong means you could be seriously out of pocket! You feel like you would like to find someone to take things off your hands and make the finance side of your business run with ease. That is when you should consider the Full Finance Function.

Our solution

At gHawk Accounting, we provide an outsourced finance function where we work as an extension of your business but dealing with finance and accounting matters. We will communicate with your customers, suppliers, and other business partners as if we were your business and will deal with all important finance matters on your behalf.

We will provide the directors and managers with financial reports to help in making decisions and if you like, we will be on hand to hold you accountable to those decisions. We work as partners to make your business a success. We call this the Full Finance Function and provide three tiers of services according to your requirements

Why outsource to gHawk?

  • Cost savings – our expert advice will be cheaper than hiring and developing your internal team
  • Industry specialism – we’ve worked with many businesses and understand what how to run a robust finance function, maximising income and cashflow
  • Technology specialists – we know the latest tools to make you efficient and profitable
  • All managed under one roof – one number for all finance matters
  • Take away headache of hiring internal finance staff, so you can focus on growing your business.

Is the full finance function right for you?

You will know that the Full Finance Function service is right for you if

  • Your capacity is stretched, and you need someone to manage your finance function
  • You are missing finance deadlines like collecting revenue, filing with Companies House and HMRC
  • You need expert financial advice interpreting the numbers in your accounts and how to apply them to your business
  • Your internal finance team are stretched and need additional support
  • You are thinking of recruiting an internal finance team
  • You spend more time recruiting and developing your finance team instead of growing your business

How much does it cost?

The monthly fee for the full finance function will depend on how much you want us to undertake and how often. As an indicator the smallest businesses would expect to invest from £250 + VAT per month.

If you would like to find out how the Full Finance Function service can work for your business, please contact us to book a free discovery call session with our team.

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